Shamanic Workshop: The ancient power from North

My name is Helene Lindmark, and I come from Lapland northern Sweden. I

walk the Shamanic tradition of my ancestors' heritage. My inspiration is to

guide, coach, spread lessons / knowledge to help clients to find their own key to

their inner self. I am psychic medium, healer, path finder, storyteller and my

work is based on grounded sound, painting and Mother Earth.


The ancient power from North.

Northen Sami Shamanic Drum Journey - A deep dive into your roots.

I will introduce you to the Sami Shamanic road and guide you through a drum

journey. I’m living a heritage, my ancestors heritage from Lapland in North of

Sweden, Sápmi, Russia and Finland. I work from a Northen tradition, which I

believe we have forgotten or haven’t spread the words about.

I want to share by example how the shaman drum is healing our soul in a very

deep way. The Drum journey / circles gives you a connection to Mother Earth,

the Elements, your inner power, your roots and your soul.

The drum's deep rhythmic sounds take you on a journey through all dimensions,

a journey into your subconscious, a journey through another time, a journey

deep into the body and soul. It guides you to find your life path and deeper

connection with your inner self.

Private session:

Sami Shamanic Drum Healing It’s a deep dive into your roots and a powerful

healing. It grounded on old traditions for finding answers and connection with

your inner self. 30 min or 60 min/ Fix fee.

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