Niklas Satanik

Even though I didn't know it, at the time I was born in 1983 in a little village nearby Vienna, I was a musician ever since. This became clear to me, after I discovered the Djembe, and played it for many years in dark cellars in my neighbourhood. Around the age of 22, I played and travelled as a percussionist with different ethnic jazz formations, among which are "Trio Baldachin" and the "Officina Art Orchestra", led by Alegre Correa. With 25 discovered the Handpan, and my dream came true to combine beats and harmonics in a single instrument. Working constantly on the Handpan and on diverse percussive instruments, I finally recorded my first solo album in 2017, called Fahrtwind (travelling breath). I dedicated this album to my travelings and my family. Currently I work as a solo artist and as part of the electronic acoustic techno duo Harz. I take any opportunity to spread my music and my beats, both coming directly from my heart.

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