Healing through the Medicine Wheel / Creating a Sound Circle

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Alegra Jenkins – Healing through the Medicine Wheel

Working as a group we will explore the four directions of the Medicine Wheel and their relationship with Father Sky and Mother Earth, all of which symbolise dimensions of our health and the cycles of life. At the centre of the Medicine Wheel is the point of harmony and balance between the Physical, Mental and Emotional and Spiritual aspects of our life. Going around the Medicine Wheel will enable us to consider these four aspects seeing which ones need to be addressed in order to find health and healing.

We will work with the breath, voice and the body through simple mediations and exercises, cleansing and releasing negative energies, as well as giving and receiving feelings of harmony and wholeness. This traditional way of looking at the inter-connectivity of all things will help us to see the rhythms, cycles and patterns that exist in our own lives and provide a pathway through which we can deeply connect with our soul.

Alegra Jenkins – Creating a Sound Circle

This Workshop is an opportunity to listen to your own authentic voice and then to make a deep connection with your inner self. Journeying together in a safe and supportive group, you will gain a greater understanding of the healing power of sound, your own voice and its ability to transform and empower.

Together we will explore our energy bodies and gently clear and balance our chakras, leaving you physically relaxed and peaceful. This process will also provide a pathway for journeying deeper into the spirit world. The chakras are subtle energy points around the body, which act as gateways between the spiritual and the physical worlds. Chakra healing techniques bring the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies into balance, a very important element of healing and spiritual growth.

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