Christian Amin Varkonyi

concert: július 5. péntek / friday 16:30

workshop & stroy telling: július 6. szombat / saturday 10:00

Austrian musician, Handpan player, composer, vocalist, percussionist,  & sound healer with Hungarian roots, born in 1985 in Vienna.  The first son of a modest family, his mother a oriental dance teacher and his father a master percussionist who familiarized him with Afro Cuban music from early age.  He now plays a wide range of Instruments, composes original music and sings inspired by large travels into rich cultures from all over the planet.  Amín blends together a very groovy and melodic style of playing Handpan with his Voice, overtone Singing and self written songs which remind to simple folk melodies.   the combination of skills, grooves and melodies with natural depth leave only a few untouched and many benefit from Amín´s music with an uplifting and tranquil mindset. 

Music for the Sun is a project of collaboration. Will collaborate with Marcel Hutter, Alexandre Lora and who knows with who else :)

Storytelling, communication & new musical approaches Handpan Workshop with Christian Amín Vàrkonyi

Workshop Level: beginner/Intermediate


• Storytelling • Communication in Music • Listening to yourself and others • Hand-to-Hand / Ghost Notes • Playing together • Rhythm  • Cuban Groove  • Synchronize Brainwave exercises

Music can touch us deeply! How come? Often seen as a universal language, but how can we as beginners understand that concept? Only through experience. With the Handpan people are very quickly very deeply touched because of its unique sound, so my intention for this Workshop is to expand your awareness & understanding about music in general and give you tools to explore deeper your own musicality and find the music within you.  After finding comfort in a common groove we´ll do some playful exercises  to experience communication in music, listen to yourself and others and eventually tell your personal story on the Handpan.  looking forward to see you again and meet you there!

fee: 25 euros / 2 hours

day, time: Saturday 10:00 a.m.

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